What does a case study do that a press release can't?

Any successful PR campaign is comprised of a range of different elements that hopefully combine to deliver the right messages, to the right audiences at the right time. One of these elements that can prove highly successful is the case study and you only have to look in any trade magazine to see how much impact they can have, especially when informative and professional copy is accompanied by eye catching images.

So what can you say in a case study that isn't in a press release?

Generally speaking a case study will be a minimum of 800 words which allows you to delve into the background of the project and highlight the challenges your customer may have been facing. It is then possible to explore in more detail the often complex route from appointment, through design and installation (in the case of a lighting controls system or software solution). The final element of the case study can then talk about the benefits that have been delivered and may then allude to future improvements or the next stage of the relationship.

One of Britain's oldest universities takes a very modern approach to its lighting requirements.

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The Cloud is exactly the right place for FlightDataPeople's innovative Safety & Risk Management Solutions

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A good quality case study brings real benefits to both you and your customers, who will ideally recognise the opportunity it presents to enhance their own reputation. By incorporating quotes from both parties, along with (ideally) professional images you have a complete story that the press will welcome. Completed case studies can also be posted on to company websites, used in newsletters and may form the basis of other marketing collateral. If your prospects have read about how you helped another organisation to improve their performance or overcome a problem and that the final outcome was positive they are going to be far more receptive to your message when they next hear from you.

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